Research and Development

Segue Bilingue (between deux acts)
Photo from Dec 15th rehearsal with Eloi and Ashleigh.
Click the link below for a video of the Canada Council funded research/creation on
Segue Bilingue (between deux acts)


12705552_881641898621225_6097876379071045809_ndancers in rehearsal, left to right: Erin Lequereux, Jessica Ames and Eowynn Penny-Hugut

MascallDance Presents:
BLOOM – an hour of laughter, wine tasting and dance

MascallDance’s BLOOM is a provocative cinq-a-sept – a casual and playful, informal showing of dance wine and comedy. Three Tuesdays after work our 6 artists in residence will show 5-minute sketches of dance paired with a wine. Jennifer Griffin, our stand-up storyteller, interprets the dance for the audience. Join us at St Paul’s in the West End for an hour of laughter, wine tasting and dance.

Doors at 4:30pm | Show 5pm-6pm | Latecomers welcome
Tuesday February 16th
Tuesday February 23rd
Tuesday March 1st

$10 | Entrance and 6 wine pairings
Extra glasses of wine available at $5 a glass

1130 Jervis St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2C7

Choreography by:

Body Narratives Collective
Lily Cryan
Jennifer Mascall
Olivia Neill
Zahra Shahab
Claire Twiddy

The event: A sommelier selects a wine for each work based on adjectives each of the 6 choreographers uses to describe their dance. Spectators are invited to sip a soupcon of the wine while viewing a 5-minute excerpt of the dance. Then a kind but audacious stand-up comic tickles funny bones by interpreting the dance just viewed. The comic storyteller is able to wittily articulate what is crossing the audience’s mind and has the nerve to say it aloud. Interpretation is laid bare in a sensorial way.

The series: MascallDance’s creation and performance series BLOOM has been a feature of Vancouver’s West End since 1994. Emerging choreographers apply for BLOOM’s choreographic training, mentoring & editing by Artistic Director Jennifer Mascall, combined with use of the company’s beautiful west end studio. Over three studio performances, their work-in-progress is sampled by the public in an informal, cocktail hour atmosphere.


BNC’s research for With You for the Long Haul

developed through Project CPR.
Friday, September 4th, 2015.
7pm at the Scotiabank Dance Centre

Project CPR Choreographers: Kelly McInnes , Carolyn Schmidt, Julia Carr & Meghan Goodman / Body Narratives Collective

Performers: Maxine Chadburn, Rianne Švelnis, Sophie Brassard, Erin Lequereux Kathryn Carlberg Cody Cox, Jen Bolcsfoldi Jess E Ames Jenn Edwards,

Director: Claire French
A Restless Productions Initiative

The name is no accident. Project CPR is a space for choreographers to bring an idea (back) to life! It leads to new ways of working and new connections and a deepening of craft.

Project CPR 6.0 A Restless Productions/ Claire French Initiative. This research and creation-based professional development opportunity gave BNC co-directors an opportunity to begin movement research for trio With You for the Long Haul.

Project CPR was graciously hosted by The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. We have to thank Cory Philley for believing in us and the project’s contribution to the dance community. Also this year, Restless Productions received project funding from Canada Council for the Arts through Support Services to the Dance Milieu. Thank you.


In November 2014 & December 2015 BNC Co-Directors Meghan and Julia traveled to Hornby Island to research & develop a new commission with choreographer Sarah Chase. They spent 19 days researching stories, movement and songs.  Discoveries were crafted into duet Here on the Ground which premiered in April 2016.
Meghan and Julia training in the Seattle iFly Wind Tunnel.
Julia flyMeghan fly
SFU Woodwards May 2013 Creation Lab:
Here’s a sneak peak of something we discovered during our May 2013 Dark Room research. Pictured here: Jen Dunford, Juan Villegas, and Kyra Jacques. Video by Andrew Haw.
RocketHub Campaign complete:
On November 19th we wrapped up our fundraising campaign “A Journey of Dance and Flight”. Successfully raising $1555 with contributions from 19 generous individuals. We met with the CEO of Fly Zone and are planning to begin this training spring/summer 2013 as the weather improves. We will keep you posted with stories and pictures from our training sessions in the wind tunnel, but in the mean time a BIG THANK YOU again to everyone who contributed, and helped spread the word. Personal thank you’s can be seen at the bottom of this page.
A Journey of Dance and Flight:

Professional dancers Meghan Goodman and Julia Carr began exploring aerial dance in 2009 as performers with Aeriosa Dance Society  We have been inspired by a youtube video of a skydiving dance in a wind tunnel. We then sourced a local training facility Fly Zone and tried their introductory package.  We are hooked!

Our goal is to learn the basics of dancing with fluidity in a wind tunnel as a first step towards creating an ambitious wind tunnel dance.  We are asking for $3,000 to cover the costs of semi-private training sessions with an experienced instructor and 90-minutes each of wind tunnel time.  That’s the equivalent of about 90 free falling jumps from an airplane!  If we exceed our fundraising goal we will be able to buy even more training minutes in the wind tunnel to go beyond basic moves and maybe even fly in tandem!

If you’d like to support this initiative check out our campaign on RocketHub before November 19th.

Thank you RocketHub Fuelers!!

DD Kugler, thank you for being the first to fuel our campaign.  Your encouragement is invaluable.

Annika Ollner, one of Julia’s longest running friends.  Thank you for helping BNC get things off the ground.

Pam and Gord Burdge, thank you for fueling our adventure. Your support is most appreciated.

Annie Frind thank you so much for the donation. Yours is the first donation from someone we haven’t met yet! We are so glad you were excited about this project, we are too!

Valorie Gruson thank you for your contribution, a long time supporter of the Goodman girls, and part of the reason we are even here!

Kathleen McDonagh, thanks for fueling our campaign and for your continued support, mentorship, and inspiration. 🙂

Caroline Liffmann, thank you for your support and friendship and this happy surprise of fueling our campaign. Looking forward to sharing stories from our adventures with you. xox

Alix Rodrigues, thank you for contributing to our fundraiser. We feel so fortunate to have supporters like you who do such great things in the community. Thank you again!

Theresa Carroll, thank you for your donation! We hope you and your family are all well. Hope to connect with you in person soon, would love to hear what you are up to. xox

Jayne, thank you for your contribution. As a yoga practitioner, we hope this project inspires you to imagine moving in new ways and learning about the body’s infinite possibilities. Many thanks!

Caitlin! Thank you so much for your most generous contribution to our fundraising campaign. Let’s stay in touch as we proceed on our dance journeys.

Mj Hadley, we are so pleasantly surprised by your generous contribution and excited that you felt inspired to fuel this project. Thank you!

Carol Carr, you are a Super-Mom! You repeatedly go above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks for your lifelong support and for this most generous contribution towards our journey of dance in flight.

Thank you Julia Trops for fueling Body Narratives Collective’s campaign. We are closer to our goal thanks to your contribution. We wish you success in your artistic endeavors as well. 🙂

David Cooper, thank you for all of the support you’ve offered BNC this fall! We are very excited to share our wind tunnel dance experiences with you and capture some great images together!

Janine Beckner, thanks for fueling our campaign. We look forward to sharing stories from the wind tunnel with you.

Tim Matheson our final fueler in this campaign, thank you so much for your contributions to our artistic work. We will keep you posted as we progress in our photographic and aerial dance adventures!!

Siobhan and Che, thanks for supporting our training initiative. We are delightfully surprised by your cheque and look forward to sharing our progress with you.

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